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tristam08's Journal

8 November 1969

Tattoos so far:

middle back: celtic knotwork (2002) as yet incomplete
done by Mike C

shoulderblades: Dragon (2001) & Scorpion (1999)
Dragon done by Mike C Scorpion done by Way Cool Tattoos (Yonge St)

upper arms: Family Coat of Arms (1990) & Canadian Coat of Arms (1990)
both done by Toby at Accents of Skin - Toronto

outer calves: Tribal (2002) & Blue Sun (2002)
both done by Mike C


You lit a flame in my heart
And it is burning still
And every time I hear you shout
It still gives me a thrill
I can see you up there
On a stage and jumping
Yeah, I can see you up there
With your right leg pumping

Goodbye inspiration
Voice of a generation
Goodbye Inspiration
I won't be playing Strummerville again

You wore your heart on your sleeve
With honesty and pride
You gave me hope, made me believe
That what I did was right
You brought out a passion
That had long been missing
Yeah you brought out a passion
That you never stopped giving

[Chorus x2]

And if music seems mundane
It's cause the companies get their own way
And all the young bands seem to say
Please turn our rebellion into money

So thanks for giving me my creed
I'll try to stay onside
Y'or helping me to dare to dream
After all this time
Cause I still see you up there
On a stage and playing
Yeah I still see you up there
I still agree with what your saying

[Chorus x2]

tristam08 Highway
Contentment Meadows4
Loony-Bin Lane17
Lake Love129
Please Drive Carefully

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40 creek canadian whiskey, 80's music, aemma, ancient weaponry, arthurian legend, astrology, autumn, bagpipes, big boots, blacksmithing, blue, body modification, boots, camping, canada, castles, cats, celtic, celtic music, celtic mythology, cemetaries, chain mail, chinese food, chivalry, cocksparrer, coffee, computers, crime scenes, crows, doc martens, dragonflies, dragons, evil grins, excalibur, eyes, fender amps, fender guitars, festivals, films, fire, fossil watches, getting tattooed, gibson guitars, gravestones, guinness, guitars, gut instinct, halloween, hooded sweatshirts, horoscopes, ibanez, ireland, joy division, katana, kisses, knights, knotwork, knowledge, laughter, les paul, lightning, lord of the rings, madness, maple leafs, medieval swords, medievil weapons, mesh, middle ages, misfits, mixed drinks, monty python, moon, motorhead, movies, murder, music, mythology, neopets, new wave music, night, nightmare before christmas, northern ireland, november, oi, oriental swords, oz, passion, pendragon, phoenix, pre-raphaelite art, pvc, ravens, reflective stuff, renaissance faire, reservoir dogs, rubber, sarcasm, scorpio, scorpions, scorpios, scotland, sex, sham 69, sheep, silver, sleeping, slf, smiles, social distortion, spikey things, stars, steel, steelcaps, stiff little fingers, stone angels, stone circles, storms, stray cats, sword making, swordfighting, swords, synthpop, tattoos, telecaster, the business, the celts, the clash, the cure, the jam, the misfits, the moon, the smiths, the stray cats, the who, thunder, thunderstorms, tiger army, tolkien, toronto, warriors, what makes you tick, whiskey, winter, wolfetones, wolves, wrought iron


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